I’ve always been amazed at how much the feel of a photograph can change just by the way it’s cropped. Here is a demonstration.

The uncropped picture was taken in San Francisco. I was paying off a lost bet by doing an hour-long naked walk around the city. Several people came along as photographers or spectators, including the owner of a site called Nakedism, Bucephalus. We ended at one of the city’s many staircases, where Bucephalus stripped down and got into some of the pictures. This is one of those shots.

Just look at how the entire feel of the picture changes from the original, to the cropped version, to the even more cropped version. Personally I like the one that’s edited the most, though I love all three.

This is one of my favorite photos because I really enjoyed getting to know Bucephalus. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do some more shots with him at some point.